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Charles Bowden has died, but his voice is louder than ever
Sep 3 2014 - 2:38pm
Help Wanted: The Case for a Generational Challenger to Secretary Clinton
Sep 3 2014 - 12:28pm
US Government Informant Helped Sinaloa Narcos Stay Out of Jail
Sep 11 2011 - 11:05am
Video: Egypt's Other Revolution (It's About You, Too)
Sep 3 2011 - 9:28am
Defenders of San Francisco Peaks: Police used excessive force
Jun 21 2011 - 2:38pm

Out Here In The Field Redux

As the Republican's "whop up" on each other via PAC fueled/funneled $upport, I have little time to listen to their bile. Why? I am too busy working with OfA and have been for years. Our Neighborhood Team is producing Volunteer Leaders that are working directly with OfA FieldFolk in ways that show how training, during the years that Obama has been President, is paying off. New Volunteers and Voters are working with their neighbors, some of whom have been around the OfA block from the start.

"You'll Never Work in this Blogosphere Again!"

Some of the folks from the 2008 Obama campaign/blogobamasphere have blogs that I visit.

Obot Obotics, a post of mine from the other day links to a story that just keeps going.

Check out here, and here.


Obot Obotics

An angryblacklady shared post sums up why I Obot with Obama/Organizing for America.

R U 2 ?

Update:  jane-hamsher-calls-obama-supporters-dumb-motherfuckers

Love you too, Jane Repubfucker.

Field Hands: What's Up?

As the 2012 election draws US into the new realities of who US really is, I found via blackwaterdog this organizing gem that digs deep into what is at stake in 2012.

So. Fieldhands/OfA folks:  Let US know what you are up to. Give US what's going on in your neighborhood.

Sitting on the Back Porch

My husband and I were sitting on the porch this morning, before the hot day kicked in. We were discussing "now what" kinds of stuff. Before the loss of his job/insurance, we were managing basics. Two years later, we are making decisions.

This story is pretty close to who we are.

This is a M.Python Flying Circus moment for us. 

We are not dead yet.


RIP Gil Scott-Heron

A journalist had a party. I was 24, divorced, on my own 120 miles away from home. I was in a local musical called "B-Movies from Outer Space". My character, Gloria Dea, had her boyfriend/father of her child abducted by aliens. They left her behind.

When I heard B-Movie by Gil Scott-Heron, well, let's just say that I had an exceptional wake-up call.

I still love authentic journalists and the parties they throw.

Hope you all danced.

School Starts in 6 Days!

Take a moment to read/reread the quick biographies of the Class of 2011. They are here for more. Al and the Professors have more to give.

Do you have more to give? 

We have 6 days to raise the $$. 

I'm in with a US Benji. 







Up Against It

Came across this today:  Mark Morford

"To the sneering disappointment of the puritanical left, Obama has turned out to be pretty much exactly what he said he'd be during his '08 campaign: flawed, exceedingly moderate, a resolute compromiser, overly pragmatic when he should've been a badass, temperate when he should've been white hot and furious, offering concessions when he should be bringing the hammer down." Read more

Keep Calling for It...OfA/Field Hands

A few thoughts before tomorrow, a busy day all around US.

We Are One Local Rallies around the country 04/04/11. Can you attend?

My husband went through a 3 month process/wait to be one of three given an interview out of 120 applicants for a job with insurance.  He came in second or third. They sent a nice letter letting him know.

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