Illegalization Wars or Peace and Freedom?

In a Narconews article, Don Henry Ford Jr. supports illegalization because, "Make no mistake about it. Total legalization of cocaine and heroin is akin to letting people walk around with loaded automatic weapons...." His description of these drug users or people who possess these drugs is inflamatory nonsense. It needs to be refuted because demonizing drug users justifies the war against them. It justifies all the barbarisms that have been and are being committed against these drug offenders in the name of the law. Millions of honest, decent people have been declared criminals by cocaine and opiate laws.

Consider these facts: Cocaine and heroin were legal and widely available in the U.S. untill 1914. Anybody could walk into a store and buy these drugs and they could be purchased out of a catalog. And, millions of people were not running around murdering each other. There was no crime or violence associated with these products when they were legal.

Opiates and cocaine are valuable medicines which have served mankind throughout history. These plant drugs are also the safest drugs. They have been safely produced and consumed for hundreds of years. Unlike many of the molecules produced by the goverment-licensed cartel such as Vioxx, Phen-phen, and hundreds of others, they are non-toxic. They can be taken in large doses without causing organ damage. These drugs belong in every medicine kit.

Currently, millions of people such as doctors, medical technicians, hospice workers, pharmacists, and licensed producers possess these drugs and, they do not run around murdering people. The people who do run around with automatic weapons murdering people are government drug fighters who routinely murder peasant farmers all over the planet for the "crime" of producing plant medicines and honestly competeing with the government- licensed cartels. These "drug free" drug fighters also poison the land, water, and families of these farmers.

Likewise, there are armies of government thugs, armed with automatic weapons, who specialize in useing Gestapo tactics against the victims of drug laws. These heavily armed government goons break down doors, invade and ransack homes, terrorize families, and murder anyone who resists. In the U.S., these thugs are now operating in every city and town across the country. As a result of illegalization, there are  thousands of these goon squads in the U.S. Millions of honest, decent, peaceful people have been assaulted, robbed, and arrested.

It is the illegalizers who authorize these murders, assaults, prisons, and human rights violations. As a result of illegalization, all of these crimes and murders are legal. That is what the law is all about, guns, violence, prisons, and legalized murder.

The suits in the military industrial complex who employ many people to run around with automatic weapons are all illegalizers, not drug users. Likewise, bit players such as the Islam extremeists and the Taliban who kill innocent people and push people around are also drug illegalizers, not drug users, dealers, and farmers. All these murderers running around with automatic weapons are drug fighters and illegalizers, not users. So, Mr. Ford has it completely backwards.

The war on drugs is, in fact, a war against people. It is people, not drugs, who are being murdered, assauled, robbed, and imprisoned. And, this state-sponsored terrorism is legal. It is authorized by the illegalizers.

Illegalizers need to be informed that adults who refuse to be told what they may eat, drink, smoke, or otherwise ingest are not criminals anymore than those who refuse to be told what they may read, write, think, or believe.

It is the Drug fighters and illegalizers who are the criminals because they kill, assault, rob, and arrest peaceful human beings. They are also terrorists because they target civilians.

Regarding what is a crime and who are the criminals, I have two questions for Mr. Ford. Suppose that a heavily armed gang attacked you, threw you to the ground, pushed your face into the pavement, pointed guns at your head, and blew your head off if you resisted, just because they did not approve of your diet -- would you say that they were violent criminals or would you conclude that you were the violent criminal?

Suppose that same gang kicked down your door, invaded and ransacked your home, terrorized your family, stole your property, and murdered anyone who resisted, just because they or others did not approve of what you chose to eat, drink, or smoke -- would you conclude that your family were the criminals?

Regarding the drugs that Mr. Ford and some other illegalizers would allow, these illegalizers need to be informed that the adult population of this planet are not children and they do not belong to anyone. They do not want, seek, or need permisssion to control their own lives.

Illegalization means perpetual war because most adult human beings will, thankfully, never allow others to tell them how to live including what they may eat, drink, or smoke. Most people will never obey anyone who demands obedience. So, the choice is between unending prohibition wars and oppression or peace and freedom.

Rick Eramian    

About Richard Eramian

I am a defender of the universal principle of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Laws that criminalize peaceful people or peaceful activity need to be abolished. Peaceful people must be respected.

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About Richard Eramian

I am a defender of the universal principle of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Laws that criminalize peaceful people or peaceful activity need to be abolished. Peaceful people must be respected.