They're starting to slip...

Here at the Narconews war room in Caracas, we've got our eyes focused on mainstream press, wherever it may live. Two Latin American papers have already begun the slide into the obfuscation of referendum guidelines. Both El Tiempo of Colombia and Diario del Hoy of El Salvador are misrepresenting the rules of the game, before any poll results are even allowed in. First, a reminder of the rules of the game. As quoted on BBC:
At least all of the following
3.7 Million Votes,
More Yes votes than No votes.

It seems fairly simple, but mainstream media has a way of tripping over simple facts. Note in today's ARENA-owned Diario de Hoy: acional/nac2.asp

 - Los opositores necesitan reunir, al menos, 2.7 millones de votantes. Este número representa el de los votos que llevó al militar al poder.
-“Estamos seguros de sobrepasar esa exigencia”, dijo a El Diario de Hoy un vocero del antichavista Mendoza.

Here we have a major slip in fact presentation. 2.7 million gets the opposition nothing. Period. Even if not a single Chavista votes.

El Tiempo in Colombia also slips with this manipulation: /ARTICULO-WEB-_NOTA_INTERIOR-1767145.html

Para recortarle el mandato a Chávez, la oposición requiere 3,8 millones de votos, que representan más de los que obtuvo el mandatario en julio del 2000 cuando fue reelecto después de un proceso constituyente.

No mention of the need for a majority vote for the referendum to succeed. These may appear to be minor slips, but you can bet by midnight tonight, we'll start to see fewer "slips" and more of a pattern of funny business.

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