A Field Hand’s Appeal to Keep Us Publishing

By Al Giordano

“Field Hands” are the words that readers of this blog, The Field, used to organize their own social networking site, to be in contact with each other, and to engage in community organizing together. There are currently 729 such readers that have joined that project. One of them, Allan Brauer of Folsom, California (in the photo, above, and a regular participant in the comments section here), posted an appeal last night that I’ll share with you here.

At this hour when we are all watching independent radio and television stations silenced under military coup boots in Honduras, we are offered a sober reminder of why it is so important to support and defend the free flow of accurate information. We can sit back helplessly cursing the darkness and thinking that we can’t do anything about it. Or we can light a candle and remind ourselves that the censorship against some makes our own work of breaking the information blockades that much more urgent and important. We’re still standing, after all, and so much harder for a Honduran coup regime to silence because our servers are literally out of their reach.

Given the emergency situation in Honduras today and the coup regime’s “decree” suspending free speech, press, assembly and due process for the next 45 days, two members of our news team have just cancelled long planned travels to remain at their posts at this hour of moral crisis. They weren’t asked to do that. They volunteered. That’s emblematic of the dedication around this newsroom.

But the truth is, it requires more than our own labor and dedication to keep doing this work, to maintain and protect our Internet servers, to report and translate rapidly and accurately, and to train growing numbers of journalists of talent and conscience to be able to meet the increasing demand for authentic journalism, do more of it, better, faster and more coherently. It also requires some funds.

You’ll notice from the graph in the upper right corner of this page that we’re in the middle of a fundraising drive to keep this ship sailing. Your contributions – no matter how small, they add up when many participate – are literally the wind at those sails that make this voyage possible. Please give Allan’s appeal a read and consider doing your part, too.

Most independent media disappears not from coup regime censors but from lack of the necessary resources to carry on. For more than nine years you, the readers, have been the vertebral column of Narco News and its projects including The Field. The faster you get that fund drive graph up to its $20,000 matching support goal, the sooner we can stop nagging you and devote more time to the real work of reporting.

Allan – a rank-and-file reader, just like you - says it better than I can, here:

Dear Fieldhands and fans of The Field and Authentic Journalism,

Every so often, a story comes along that demands the attention of a writer who is uniquely qualified to report and comment on it. Such a story is the ongoing crisis in Honduras. And the writer who absolutely must cover it is Al Giordano.

Over the past months, I have been eagerly following Al’s dispatches and gained a great sense of enlightenment about the situation, its background, the key players, and how the ongoing story was being spun by various sources to fit their narratives. It was essential that Al bring his focus and personal resources to bear on this unfolding drama. And this week, Al blew the lid off yet another aspect of the story that is creating international repercussions by reporting on the use of tear gas canisters labeled “National Police of Perú” by the Honduran police. I can’t wait to see how this develops!

Still, as much as I appreciate the work Al is doing to shed light on the situation in Honduras, one fact remains: I miss Al’s reporting on US politics! And based on your feedback and comments, and Al’s own observations, I know I am not alone.

Many of us struggled to remain sane without Al’s wise words to still our Chicken Little hearts during the summer of madness, of death panels and socialized medicine, of teabags and townhalls full of Astroturf. It was terrific when he popped back on to the scene to inoculate us, but on some level, this only served to heighten our sense of loss that Al wasn’t on the healthcare reform story every day.

So here’s my pitch for Al Giordano, NarcoNews, and the School for Authentic Journalism. Give because it makes you part of a community doing good work. Give so you can take pride of ownership when Al and his associates break major news that punctures the MSM narrative. Give to support first-rate analysis that digs beneath the headlines to reveal the story underneath. And give to the School of Authentic Journalism if you want to see Al Giordano again!

Al can only be in one place at one time and he can focus his attention on only so many simultaneous world events. When we donate money to fund these important projects, it means that Al and his school can train and empower a new generation of Authentic Journalists deployed on the ground throughout the Americas. These reporters can continue Al’s good work in bringing the struggle for social, political and economic justice throughout the hemisphere to the world’s attention. And they, in turn, can free Al’s time so that he can devote more attention to US politics and give us the Field fix we all crave.

The congressional midterm primary races are beginning to crystallize as various candidates dip their toes into the waters and test their chances for success. The MSM isn’t allowing any facts about the steep decline in favorability of the Republican Party stop them from reaching back to 1994 and predicting a Republican surge. And I selfishly want Al Giordano back on the US politics beat, sorting through the hype and spin, reading the tea leaves and pointing out the important clues that indicate what will really happen in 2010.

So give to the Fund for Authentic Journalism. You’ll get so much in return. You’ll be eligible to create your own reporter’s notebook in the Narcosphere website, where you can share your own reporting and analysis. You’ll know you are part of the solution to today’s corporate and statist media. And because the Fund is an IRS-approved 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, your contributions are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Most of all, you’ll help a veteran journalist and community organizer use his talents to cultivate the next generation of journalists who will act as force multipliers and cover the under-reported stories of the Americas. And that, in turn, will free him to devote more time and attention to The Field. What could be a better outcome than that?

You can donate today online via this link.

Or you can send a check to:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

PO Box 241

Natick, MA 01760 USA

In peace and friendship,

Allan Brauer

If you respond to Allan’s call with a donation of your own, use the comments section here to tell what you’ve pledged. That can be contagious in encouraging others to do the same.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, more urgent today than yesterday….


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