In Solidarity with Pedro Brizuela in Honduras

By Al Giordano

Pedro Brizuela developed the curriculum of the School of Leaders in La Ceiba, Honduras. Photo DR 2009 Samuel Molina.

Yesterday afternoon between two and three o’clock gunmen knocked on the door of the home of Claudia Larisa Brizuela in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. When she answered the door, they assassinated her on the spot. Claudia, 36, was a member of the civil resistance movement in Honduras, and the daughter of Pedro Brizuela, union organizer, political strategist, radio host, columnist and good friend and collaborator of Narco News.

During many nights last summer, in San Pedro Sula and in La Ceiba, Honduras, Pedro guided our coverage of the resistance to the June 28 coup d’etat. He illuminated our correspondents and me with detailed histories of the Honduran labor movement and other struggles of which he has been a central figure for decades.

Last August, we translated and published Pedro’s essay, Leadership: The Difference Between a Leader and a Boss, and we used his curriculum in planning the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism that occurred earlier this month in Mexico. Pedro developed, five years ago, the curriculum used by the School of Leaders in La Ceiba, Honduras, which produced two of our recent graduates Edwin Alvarez and Wendy Martínez. Edwin is currently the assistant director of the School of Leaders.

I know I speak for every journalist associated with this project when I extend to Pedro our deepest grievances, friendship, solidarity and support at this terrible moment and in the eternity of our bond as compañeros in struggle.

We serve notice to the intellectual and physical authors of this cowardly crime - and those that enable them - that, far from succeeding in their malicious goal of intimidating movements for authentic justice and democracy, they have now provoked international response and action. Our entire international network of journalists and communicators places itself at the service of our colleague Pedro Brizuela and the other friends and colleagues that stand with him in Honduras today.

Claudia Larisa Brizuela (1974-2010), Presente.


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