Enter Narco News TV: Making Cable News Obsolete Since 2010

By Al Giordano

It occurred to me around the time that Eastern European peoples were toppling their regimes by occupying the national TV station that the true seat of power is no longer located in the presidential palace or at city hall, but resides in the media. Today’s report by Fernando León and Erin Rosa in Narco News, Mexico’s Media Moguls Target Country’s Bicentennial, documents the latest example of that putsch.

And while our master plan to end world domination has gone swimmingly on schedule when it comes to taking down the print newspaper industry – see NYT’s Sulzburger – No Print Edition in Future (Deadline.com, last Thursday) – we have to admit that we haven’t been as successful when it comes to making cable news on the TV irrelevant.

Until today…

Since none of the big TV media moguls were ever elected by anyone, we hereby declare ourselves to be one of them too! With the birth of Narco News TV - September 13, 2010, never forget! - we now have our seat at the table, too. More and more people get their video news, information and entertainment from Internet video (and think, it’s only been four years since the birth of YouTube) and now the opportunity expands to do to Fox News (and media companies like those we report about today in the story about Mexico’s bicentennial) and the rest of the screeching aspiring manipulators of public opinion the same thing we’ve done to the NY Times and the daily newspaper industry: replace them, one reader and viewer at a time, until they are gasping for their last breaths.

You may have already seen NNTV’s first report last month – Al Gore’s Mexican Adventure – and today we have another one for you, The Neighbors Who Blocked the Superhighway, about an inspiring David-vs-Goliath battle in which the folks of the La Malinche neighborhood in Mexico City have successfully blocked the destruction of their community for 49 days and nights now.

More NNTV reports are in post-production right now and will be on your screens any day now.

Plus, we’ve got a library of videos produced at the School of Authentic Journalism and by other friends of Narco News up at NNTV already, too. Flag this link into your bookmarks:


We will shortly have a feature in which you, too, can suggest videos for us to broadcast on NNTV, by simply pasting in the link. Or if you produce videos on any of our beats – from the drug war to Latin America to media criticism to politics in the US and across the hemisphere – and you’d like to premier one or more on Narco News TV, send me an email at narconews@gmail.com. (Oh my gawd, are Narco News internships next?)

Finally, as we roll out our arsenal for the fall season, it is also my pleasure to announce to you today that I’m moonlighting, starting today, for the most awesome media project in all of Washington DC: Wonkette. So if you see a hot story that needs very much to be made fun of, also use that email address above to bring it to my attention. My first entry for the Wonketeers, Hillary Celebrates Mexican Bicentennial by Declaring War on Mexico!, went up this morning (their comments section, like ours here, is part of the show, too). And with it I’ve also entered the profession of Blingee designers, which Wonkette publisher Ken Layne taught me is the modern-day descendant of Diego Rivera's wall murals, only the wall is the entire Internet, and one doesn't have to have actual, um, talent with a paintbrush to paint.

Still, we’ll keep grinding out the yardage of authentic journalism here at Narco News and at The Field and, now, at NNTV. Drop a little coin into the cup if you can: we’re doing an awful lot with a precious little these days. And enjoy your new excuse to goof off at work: Narco News TV!

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