One Week to Save the School of Authentic Journalism

By Al Giordano

111 Heroes Have Pledged to the Kickstarter Campaign but We're Running Out of Time

"In the New York Supreme Court in 2001 we invented an idea called the School of Authentic Journalism. Older, and hopefully wiser, I know now more than ever how important it is to pass these skills - and the power that comes with them - on to the next generations."

Fifteen years ago – after Narco News and its journalists won press freedom rights for the entire Internet in the New York Supreme Court – we created the School of Authentic Journalism to train new generations in the skills and strategies of communicating to change the world. If you’ve already pledged to make the 2016 school happen, thank you.

If you haven’t yet made a pledge we’re running out of time and I plead with you to do so right now at this link:

Last year hundreds of readers, graduates and supporters did rally in the last week to get us to the $25,000 goal. We held a great school in November, the best yet (every new school has been better than the previous ones). But it turned out to be a bit more expensive than we had budgeted which is why we’re forced to seek $30,000 for the 2016 school.

One need only look at how the news media has elevated Donald Trump to become the presumptive Republican nominee for president in the United States to be reminded how urgent it is to train better journalists. Commercial media’s constant search for “ratings” to be able to charge more money for advertising has been what made a monster out of Trump, a man who calls Mexicans “rapists” and promises to build a wall around the country. They’ve given the man hundreds of millions of dollars in free airtime because he brings them those ratings. Yet of more than 500 graduates of the School of Authentic Journalism not one that I know of has participated in that charade. Instead, they’re out there doing the work that reporters are supposed to do, bringing attention to corruption and voice to the voiceless.

It boggles the mind to think that in this media environment – in which everybody knows the media is at fault – it’s still so hard to persuade good people to make even a small pledge to the only project on earth that trains the kinds of journalists and communicators this world so desperately needs.

If we don’t make the goal by March 4, not only will that kill the 2016 school but could cripple it for years to come (remember we were unable to hold the school from 2005 to 2009: objects at rest tend to stay at rest). We’ll have to also seriously assess whether the project of Narco News and the other important projects of the authentic journalism renaissance will be able to continue at all.

I know you’re busy, that your time and resources are valuable. But I also know that you don’t want to wake up on March 5 to hear that this wonderful school – the most important and vital project of my lifetime and that of my colleagues – has ceased to exist because not enough of us made any pledge at all. Even if you have only a very small amount to spare the Kickstarter page lists the number of pledges and as that number grows it creates momentum and encourages others to do the same.

In eight days the School of Authentic Journalism will either march forward to meet the demand of young journalists and communicators who are thirsty for its knowledge and tools, or the school will die. The answer to whether something so extraordinary and necessary will live or die next week is literally in your hands.

It takes only a few seconds to click this link and make a pledge. If we don’t meet the goal your card won’t be charged. If we do succeed it will only be charged after March 4:

The School of Authentic Journalism tells the people who are the future, “Young people, do not give up hope. Here are the skills and the tools to make the world yours.”

I’ve devoted my life to them for the past thirteen years. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser) I know more than ever before how important it is to pass these skills and the power that comes with them on to them. I don’t believe you’ll let them down either.

From somewhere in a country called América,


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