A Message from John Scagliotti

Dear Al : thanks for the kind words of support for Andy's journalism. Is this woman, Debra Kozikowski, losing funders because of Andy Kopkind? I am bit confused how Andy is involved with any of her concerns.

But does that mean we who run the Kopkind Colony are getting a bum rap from those who give money to good causes like ours because people think Andy is a weatherman? Not sure if I understand her argument but thanks for clearing it up a bit. Kind of ironic that she seems to be a supporter of Obama who is being falsely smeared as a Muslim.

I do know, as you point out, there are many facts wrong in her thinking. But it is true that Andy was not a member of SDS or the Weather Organization. Like many journalists in that time he covered them but then he covered Conrad Hilton for the cover of Time Magazine too and he never was party of the Hilton Hotels and never received any money or support from Mr. Hilton or his fine granddaughter Paris. Do you think this tangential connection to Paris Hilton would be more damaging for this woman than his journalism covering radicals in the 60's?

warm regards,

John Scagliotti

Kopkind Administrator

Also: Barry Crimmins receives a "joking" offer to cross a picket line and give up his press freedom.

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