And This Is What Her Friends Are Saying...

By Al Giordano

Forbes magazine columnist Gordon Chang included this revealing paragraph in a defense of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

But what was the Secretary of State really doing? She left the U.S. amid reports of intense infighting with a White House intent on marginalizing her role. Real policymaking power, some say, is now exercised by a small West Wing group centered on Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Clinton's response? While she has been publicly denying the rumors, the Secretary of State has been on the attack, tarring President Obama through intermediaries.

Tarring the President through intermediaries? The columnist writes like he’s heard from some of them.

That this claim comes from someone not trying to criticize the Secretary of State, but, rather, who is trying to say that she's right and Obama's wrong (on Asian policy) is telling, to say the least.

The word of the week comes to mind: Such behavior – a subordinate trashing her commander in chief through surrogates - would have to be defined with the same word that Secretary Clinton used to unfairly attack the democratically elected President of Honduras: as “reckless.”


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