Any Given Tuesday: It's a War of Inches

By Al Giordano


Wolcott may be tagging me as a "the Walt Whitman of the ground war ode" but I'm a bit speechless this morning. I awoke at four a.m. and wanted to give a pre-game pep talk, but I see that you've already gotten out on that field and started hitting, running, catching and scoring. Good.

And, in any case, I'm not sure I could do it better than Pacino in this clip.

It's a war of inches, as he says, whether in football or politics.

You and I have been through a lot of Tuesdays this year. And on any given Tuesday you're going to win or you're going to lose. This team is ready to win. And so much more is at stake today than in a mere football game.

Make a quick mental note of every well meaning person you know that can sometimes be prone to the "flake factor" and - in addition to the responsibilities you've taken on today - make sure to reach out, by telephone, in person, by email, by all means possible, get that person in line, make sure he and she stay the fuck in line, use a cattle prod if you have to, because there are no second chances after today.

And if you find yourself, during any part of today, having complied with your tasks, find one more to do: bring food and refreshment to those that are still complying with theirs. There are going to be some long-ass lines today. Hold that line. And grab that extra inch.

Leave nothing - and nobody - to chance.

To paraphrase an old friend and a dream yet to be realized: You created it. Now take it over.

See you here as the polls close.

Update: Our friend Katie Halper - schlepping the vote and leaving everything on the field - stayed up all night and edited this viral video for her fellow and sister Jewish-American voters. In spite of never having edited a video before, she did it all by herself. It's brilliant:


Now spreading across the Sunshine State...

Update II: 538 has come out with its final projection: Obama 349, McCain 189. Nate differs with me in three locales. He calls Ohio and Florida for Obama, and Nebraska's Second CD for McCain. Other than that, we line up the same on all the remaining states (although I have a growing hunch about Georgia making us both wrong!).

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