The Authentic Journalism Renaissance Reports from Honduras

By Al Giordano

Given the erratic paranoia of the coup regime and its hostility to a free press, I didn't want to say it aloud in public until now that I've made it past the border checkpoints.

Your correspondent is now reporting from Honduran territory to chronicle the continuing collapse of the coup at the hands of an organized citizenry.

First, I'll want to get a good look around and take the pulse of the people and the civil resistance from below. It may take a few days to get fully up to speed, but suffice to say I'm here to report some very important events and stories that we know will unfold in the coming days.

Colleagues on the ground here: Synchronize your watches and check in at

(If you've got a camera and a desire to document some of the yet untold stories, I've got wheels and news awaiting. Per usual, we don't follow the pack; we report the stories that the pack journalists later flock to follow.)

It wasn't in our summer budget to head to Honduras, but neither did anyone expect a coup d'etat in our América in 2009, so some readers have kicked in a little extra to make this reporting possible and you're welcome to do the same via The Fund for Authentic Journalism.

I'll also be scouting the local independent media for Honduran authentic journalists of talent and conscience to recruit for the February 2010 Narco News School of Authentic Journalism, which now has a campus, a date, a top shelf faculty, and other aspects to be announced later this summer.

Now, back to work...

Update: The substitute "president" of the Honduran Congress, José Alfredo Saavedra (he took Roberto Micheletti's place when the latter was named "president" of the entire coup), one of the four coup functionaries to have his US diplomatic visa pulled, is mocking Washington. Here's a translation:

José Alfredo Saavedra said that the US took away that authorization but he continues to enjoy personal status to travel on a tourist visa. "My visa and that of my family continues."

If true, that would indicate a level of ineptitude or just plain cynicism to try and fool the crowd - take your pick - on the part of the State Department. To our readers over on Pennsylvania Avenue: please be the first in the door (the one next to the bigger door) with the bad news.





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