Field Hands: It's About the Organizing

By Al Giordano

I’m convinced after having watched the bad-to-pathetic behavior over the past week by the former aspiring Mall Cops of the Ex-Field that much more threatening to them than my innocuous mention of deceased community organizers and journalists was the creation – five days prior to the censorship – of an independent platform for the living organizers and communicators over at the independent Field Hands site.

It now counts with 399 members (who will be Field Hand number 400?) in 15 Field Hand Locals each with 10 members or more, plus many more regions rolling toward that threshold. We’ll update here when Field Hand 400 arrives!

Update: Julie of Norman, Oklahoma is Field Hand #400! Congrats to her and to Peter Bratt (Field Hand #401) of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and Randy H (Field Hand #402) of Reno, Nevada, who have signed up in the past few minutes.

If it was sadly too much of an opportunity for politically-retarded control-freaks to suffer the collapse of an illusion that they could wield control or veto power over what I wrote, it must have been a nightmare to suddenly find themselves unable to imagine control over the autonomous words and activities of hundreds of you now able to meet each other and organize together without going through them or anyone else.

But I know greatness when I see it, and know that a self-organizing sensation that grows this fast deserves all the support and attention that I can muster.

So, sign up there, meet your fellow and sister Field Hands in person (we already have one wedding to report, see below), and here is a round-up of the first days of activity over there…

The Denver Field Hands Posse is organizing to find places to stay in Denver during the Democratic National Convention in August.

Twin Cities Field Hands are organizing to report from the Republican National Convention there in early September.

New York City Field Hands are organizing their first face-to-face meeting. 

(Note: Any Field Hands Local that sets a meeting date and wants it publicized here, please send me the info at )

Field Hands Abroad are organizing to get refunds for its members contributions from the host of the Ex-Field, with very different results reported by individual members.

Some Chicago Field Hands are organizing an “Interactive Video Webcast” for the November elections in the US. 

As the Chicago Field Hands (Local #1) is organizing voter registration.

Bluegrass Field Hands has launched in Kentucky.

And congratulations to Allan Brauer and Norberto Laboy-Brauer who were married on Tuesday in Sacramento, California!

Finally, would those Field Hands that have not yet uploaded a photo or an image to represent them please do so (if you don’t know how, post a message there or here and other Field Hands will help guide you through the simple steps).

As always, Field Hands is self-organized and independently so. Any activity its members or groups engage in is autonomous and requires no permission or approval from The Field or from me, and neither The Field nor I are necessarily responsible for them. Likewise, Field Hands are not necessarily responsible for anything I say or do.

Meanwhile, if you want instant commenting privileges here at The Field, you can apply for your co-publisher account – the backstage pass that comes with some other very neat whistles and bells - at this link.

Also: That very handsome Field Hands banner up top was designed by Susan Kitchens.

Update: Here’s an interesting analysis of The Field’s sudden change of location by DKos diarist TheWurx

Update II: San Diego Field Hands has now qualified as Local #16!

Update III: Field Hands site founder Susan is asking for help and feedback. Specifically, she could use a few more hands on deck to welcome newcomers and keep the site humming along. Please read her words at this thread and volunteer.

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