Five Benjamins, Ten Grants or Twenty-Five Jacksons to Go

By Al Giordano

With a little over twelve hours to go in 2008, we're just under $500 short of our year-end fundraising goal. (The web team will update the map-graph shortly.) That means if just 25 of you send in an Andrew Jackson (above), or ten of you donate an Ulysses S. Grant, or five of you contribute a Benjamin Franklin before the day is out, we'll have turned the continent blue and be off to a running start in 2009.

You can donate online at The Fund for Authentic Journalism web page.

Or you can send a check to:

The Fund for Authentic Journalism

PO Box 241

Natick, MA 01760 USA

Thank you to everybody that contributed - not just in currency, but with comments (here and at the Field Hands site), news tips and ideas - to make this work so worthwhile in 2008, and we'll see you around the corner next year.

(This being the anniversary of when I first began serving this life sentence on earth, blogging will be light today.)

2008 wasn't a bad year, really, compared so many previous ones. Let's make 2009 work for all of us, too.

y ¡Feliz Año!


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