Gotta Love The Welcome Wagon In This Neighborhood

By Al Giordano

Thank you to...

Barry Crimmins.

The Jed Report.

Markos Moulitsas.

James Wolcott.

And One Million Strong.

(And, yes, I haven't forgotten the full story of how we got here in all its gory details that I had promised for today, just, please, indulge me while we cause a couple more shoes to drop, first.)

I also plead your patience on the slowness in approving comments you've all made here this afternoon (there are many in the queue already): it's caused by a technical glitch in the software here when confronted with a deluge of readers flooding the site. We've now tripled the number of tech personnel working overtime to fix it, and expect to be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.

Update: The new Iron Man suit is nearing perfection. We can now queue comments again. More than 50 have been added, so type away, kind Field Hands, and stress the system with as much as you have to say. The "icing problem" may be solved.

Update II: We have now switched to a "sequential" comments section (like the one where we all met) and away from the "nested" format. Thanks to everyone who opined on both sides of that discussion. In the end, I'm a big fan of the axiom "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," and the comments section that grew up with The Field is among the finest on the Internet in part because people's comments are directed to everyone visiting rather than to side conversations between two or more commenters.

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