Honduras Coup: The Dumbest Regime on Earth

By Al Giordano

All governments have a tendency to become dimwitted and encrusted bureaucracies. But one month into the Honduras coup d’etat the illegitimate regime of “president” Roberto Micheletti wins the prize.

Its obsession with the possibility that the elected president Manuel Zelaya might return to Honduran soil has offered 32 days of clown show, one that has only served to increase the Honduran people’s opposition to the coup.

The regime says it has an arrest warrant for Zelaya but twice it has had the opportunity to enforce it and twice it did not.

The worry that the third time might be the charm has caused the illegitimate president to order a 24-hour martial curfew in the border states of El Paraíso and Choluteca. You can see in the video, above, the blockades set up by military forces with specific orders to stop three kinds of shipments from reaching those states: food, medicine and potable water. The drivers demonstrate for the camera that all they are carrying is food.

And you can see the trucks and cars that had been transporting that newly defined contraband lined up and unable to cross the checkpoints.

Zelaya is camped out across the border in Nicaragua. How starving or suffocating the border state Hondurans somehow prevents him from reentering is not explained by the coup mongers.

A military official explains on camera that he and his troops are only following orders from “the president” (meaning, the joke of a leader that is Micheletti). He also claims that ten Red Cross vehicles carrying food and medicine were allowed through the checkpoints.

Yet in the video one can see a Red Cross vehicle detained at the checkpoint, unable to pass.

El Paraíso counts with 380,000 residents. Choluteca has 420,000. Together they are home to more than ten percent of the Honduras' 7.5 million population. Even if the military official was telling the truth, how ten vehicles would somehow feed and heal 800,000 people – short of a Biblical miracle complete with a Sermon on the Mount – was also not explained.

In sum, the coup regime has converted two of the most important states into giant penitentiaries, with 800,000 inmates who have been cut off from the rest of their country and from food and medicine.

Neither El Paraíso nor Choluteca have historically been hotbeds of unrest, especially compared to the politically active capital of Tegucigalpa and the northern coastal regions and their social, farmer and labor movements.

But in less than a week, through martial law, the coup regime has ratcheted up the resentment against it, now, from these regions, too. Honduras’ legitimate First Lady, Xiomara Castro, now being pushed from some corners to enter the November presidential election as a candidate, perhaps with a newly formed independent party, has drawn large crowds in the region during her attempts to reunite with her exiled husband.

A blogger named Boz lists some lessons learned from the month of imposed dictatorship in Honduras, and the first is this:

The Micheletti government is dumb. If we didn't know it on day one, we knew it within the first week. The Micheletti government couldn't get its story straight about what occurred the day of the coup. They clearly botched the congressional vote, used a forged resignation letter, shut down media, imposed curfews and failed to get a single other government to recognize them. Violations of the constitution in the name of protecting the constitution and violations of civil liberties in the name of protecting democracy. Now it appears cracks are forming within the coup coalition. They've managed to stay in power for a month, but that's about all they've accomplished.

Meanwhile, yesterday, across the country, six hours away in Honduras’ second biggest city of San Pedro Sula, Micheletti reacted to news that Washington had begun to cancel the visas of coup leaders babbled this inanity:

“No gringo, Venezuelan, Bolivian or Ecuadoran is going to give orders to us.”

This, after his short-term Secretary of State had called US President Obama a “little nigger.”

To give you an idea of how deranged this coup “president” is while drunk with this particularly false brand of power, he offered his opinion of what would have happened if on June 28 the Honduran people had been allowed to vote on a non-binding referendum on whether they wanted to vote in November on whether to convene a Constitutional Convention:

“If we had permitted the Fourth Ballot Box, we would already, at this moment, be Chavistas, slaves to twenty-first century socialism, we would already be out of balance. Here, the only interference comes from the Supreme Creator!”

He forgot to mention that cats would already be sleeping with dogs, too.

Ahem, Señor Dictator: a binding vote couldn’t have taken place until November 29 and that would have only started the arduous process toward a democratically implemented change of the Honduran Constitution, a process that would take place under the next president elected on that same date. The suggestions that a previous non-binding vote could have “already” led to slavery and/or socialism are no more than the ravings of an unstable madman.

Meanwhile, the civil resistance to the coup continues to self-organize. In the coming hours, we’ll have important news to report about it…


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