Honduras: What's Black and White and Gets the Red Out?

By Al Giordano

CubaDebate has an illuminating find regarding the coverage of the crisis in Honduras by the pro-coup newspaper, La Prensa.

The now-iconic photograph of the late 19-year-old Isis Obed Murillo, being carried by his friends to seek medical help moments after his shooting by gunmen during Sunday’s demonstrations in Tegucigalpa, was also published by the Honduran daily… Except that La Prensa chose to airbrush the young man’s blood out of the photo.

Media that literally whitewashes the story to this extreme, of course, is not shut down, destroyed or attacked by the coup regime. That treatment is reserved only for real journalists.

But nor can these two-bit propaganda rags – members of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) industry lobbying group of newspaper owners - be described as journalism at all.

Indeed, the coup regime's wave of terror against independent media and journalists is in part to assure that its house organs, like La Prensa, receive no correction or criticism inside the country for their serial simulation of events there.

La Prensa, and other dailies like it - its sister paper El Heraldo, and La Tribuna among them - aren't really newspapers. They're information laundromats on permanent spin cycle, bleaching their reports about this bloodshot regime to make it seem democratic and legitimate. In this case, it takes two pictures - the one they publish, next to the one they do not - to tell a thousand words.


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