The Palin Speech

By Al Giordano

First, my apologies for the system crash of the past two hours. I was unable to post or read a thing. Our tech team will not be able to sleep tonight until we can figure out how to accommodate the ever-growing readership in time for tomorrow. Thank you for your patience (and I'm humbled that you're still here!).

Second, after watching Governor Palin's speech, if I were Obama I'd breathe a sigh of relief tonight. And if I were McCain, I'd lose sleep.

The McCain team made one big mistake tonight: they put Palin on the attack at the same time that she was introducing herself to the nation. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That solidified the base. But the GOP base won't be enough in 2008.

The suburban Independent swing voter that feels favorably toward both Obama and McCain but wants change would not have been impressed by Palin tonight. She came off as just a tad too nasty and sarcastic, without being authentically funny. There was something all too forced about it all. (Just tune in to Fox News and watch them try to spin the night if you doubt what I'm telling you.)

The Democratic convention solidified its base but also expanded it.

The Republican convention so far solidified its base but while alienating swing voters.

They just seemed overly obsessed by Obama tonight. And snide.

She could have been big, but instead she was small.

But enough of my first impressions: what's your take?

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