Wisconsin Field Hands Are Organizing

By Al Giordano

If anybody thought for a moment that this would be one of those typical election years in which after the vote people would go home and leave the driving to the usual suspects, think again.

The Wisconsin Field Hands (Local #13) are self-organizing and will gather in Madison on Sunday, invited by organizer JD Stier (the handsome young man in the video below that pledged to convene them and Obama neighborhood team leaders after the election).

Wisconsin Field Hand Kurt Squire sent in the following message:

FYI: we're moving forward! thanks for everything you did with the reporting, and really shining the spotlight on community organizing. I don't think I would have ever picked up a phone or knocked on a door if it wasn't for your constant prodding in the primaries. As I reluctantly put the phone down last night at 7:30 pm central to attend an election party after 72 hours of more or less non-stop campaigning, I realized something indeed already changed in/for me this election.

Thanks again for being a catalyst in all of this.

I've already alerted the fieldhands, the attendees at your talk, my team, etc. I suspect we'll fill the place. Good luck tomorrow night; it will be fabulous I'm sure!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Fieldhands <mail@fieldhands.ning.com>
Date: Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 9:01 PM
Subject: On Fieldhands: What's next? MEETING: Sunday, Nov 9
To: kurt squire

A message from kurt squire to all members of Wisconsin Fieldhands on Fieldhands!

Obama Field Organizer JD Stier is hosting a meetup this Sunday to follow through on Al's challenge to us all to organize our president (see below). If you're like me, and experiencing a bewildering array
of emotions that are still coming together, I suspect it will be a rewarding experience.

Thanks for all that you did over the last months and years.  Welcome one and all to Madison on Sunday!


Congrats!  We successfully elected Barack Obama as our 44th President.

Together we organized our communities into an efficient unified force.  With spring elections on the way, a country and community to rebuild, we must remain organized.

As an Obama field organizer I realized our potential.  We reached hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin voters with our message.  Hope and change has finally won over fear and prejudice.

Having executed the most successful field operation in history we are now responsible.  We must continue to be the change we seek!

I am calling on all Obama Team Leaders, Staging Location Directors, and strong Obama Team Members to discuss the sustainability of our movement here in south central Wisconsin.

Meet this Sunday, November 9, to continue to change the world

When: 6:00pm Sunday Nov 9
Where: Brocach Irish Pub


7 W Main St
Madison, WI 53703


The Wisconsin Field Hands have moved to the "featured group" category (along with Chicago, Illinois - Local # 1 - who organized tonight's event in the Windy City) over at the Field Hands site: that's the online networking site where readers of The Field have self-organized to be in contact with each other and get big things done one small step at a time without waiting for instructions from me or anybody.

If you're not already a Field Hand, get on board. Sign up here and open a door that steps up into the future, which is now here.

We heard many times this year that change occurs from the bottom up. That's the story of 2008. It can continue to be the story of 2009, 2010 and onward if, like the Field Hands of Wisconsin (and Chicago) you reach out to each other on the local level, continue to meet and identify the vital matters that call for community organizing, and if you do it you will set the national agenda from where you live.

Other Field Hand locals (or individuals!) that schedule local meet-ups will be promoted here. I'll do everything I can to help you succeed. And of course I'll keep the country and the world updated on what you do, before, during and after you do it. What you organize at the local level will be known beyond it, far and wide: it will not occur in silence nor invisibly.

And for those of you in or near Chicago tonight, see you there (7 p.m. at DePaul University, scroll down to the previous post for all the details). Make sure to remind your organizer friends that might have slept deservedly through yesterday.

And ye in Wisconsin: Put Sunday's meet-up on your calendar and alert your email lists, readers and friends in the region that the struggle marches on.

Fired up?

Ready to go?

We have only just begun to organize.

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