Yes, We Did! Now What?

By Al Giordano




Plan some time with your loved ones, and if you can get it, some time off.

(And come to the Bloggers' Ball in Washington in January: TBA!)

(And if you plan on visiting South of the Border, maybe we'll see you there, too, in the coming months.)

But first...

As it began, so it begins anew.

Organize, organize, organize!

To that end, you - yes, you, community organizer, I mean you! - are cordially invited to join with:

Nate Silver

Sean Quinn

Tara Brownlee

Micah Sifry

And I.

Let's talk about:

What's Next for the Obama Movement?

The Organizing of the President

This Thursday.

In Chicago.

At 7 p.m.

Thursday, November 6th

At DePaul University

In the SAC building # 254

2320 N. Kenmore Ave.

Chicago, Illinois

Special thanks to the African and Black Diaspora Studies and the Women's Studies departments at DePaul University for sponsoring the event, and to Chicago Field Hands Nalani McLendon and Namita Goswami for heroic work of getting the hall on such short notice.

Here's the poster:

Download this poster-leaflet as a .pdf or Word .doc

Print it, copy it, email it, and get it in the hands of the best organizers you know.

Get it in their hands tonight. Or on Wednesday at the latest.

Send them the link to the video promo, above.

And on Thursday, we will begin to construct, from the bottom up, listening to each other, this new day that we fought so hard, leaving everything on the field, to make happen.

A special thanks to the Field Hands. (Become one if you haven't already: we have so much work yet to do.)

You kindled the spark into a flame that has now set the whole world afire.

Come back here tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the one after that.

Did you like this last chapter?

Wait 'til you see the next ones!

Keep coming back, and now lets make the dream come true.

See you in Chicago.

See you everywhere!

Update: The Field has learned that the Obama campaign is granting its staff organizers "four additional weeks of severance pay, health coverage through the end of the year, every reasonable accommodation to get us employed on the transition team, inauguration team, and in the administration afterward." (More details forthcoming today.) So, organizers: you now have the budget to make it to Chicago tomorrow. Hope to see you there. 

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